About Chiropractic


What is Chiropractic Anyway?

Chiropractic means 'the practice of the hands' in Latin. It is the world's largest natural health care profession. Some people believe that chiropractic is only about "cracking" the spine, inducing motion back into stuck areas and helping with neck and back pain; this is all correct, but it is so much more than that! 

   Chiropractic is based on the principle that the body heals itself; for example if you were to get a scratch on your arm, the body's innate intelligence works to build a scab and fight infection.  Since the body heals itself, we must look to the spine and nervous system first to make sure there is no interference. Vertebrae can become misaligned creating inflammation, decreased range of motion, skin and tissue changes, muscle imbalance, and change in blood flow to an area of the body. 

Chiropractic is the practice of specifically analyzing the spine to find out where alignment needs to be corrected in order to allow the body to heal itself. 

Check out this helpful link!  https://draxe.com/what-is-a-chiropractor/ 

Our Technique



At LivChiro, we focus on using the method of torque release technique. 


Here are some ways you can tell if your spine is out of alignment:

1) Reduced range of motion in your neck, mid-back or low back. 

2) Feeling the need to crack your neck or back

3) Hearing gristly, or grinding noises when you turn your head 

4) Jaw pain/TMJ - the jaw position is closely related to the upper neck position 

5) Neck, upper back or low back pain

6) Headaches or migraines

7) All your issues are on the same side of your body 

8) Tingling into one arm or leg 

9) You've noticed body imbalance one shoulder is always higher than the other 

10) It hurts unless you carry your child or bag on the same side every time, a bra strap falls off the same shoulder all the time, a tailor or personal trainer has told you one leg is longer or shoulders or hips are uneven 


Torque Release Technique (TRT)

We use a technique called torque release technique, or TRT.  Once you are aligned posturally and the legs have come back to an even length, you are on your way to healing. This technique is aimed at reducing stress and tension on your spinal column. The spine acts as a unit and it may be turning at one end more than the other, so specific adjustments are made to relieve tension. This technique is helpful if you are stretching and it just doesn't feel like you can get to the area that needs to be stretched. It is also helpful for bringing your body back into its proper parasympathetic nervous system functioning or the "rest & digest" nervous system. We use an instrument called the Integrator that delivers a recoil force perfect for moving a specific twisted vertebrae. Though we will adjust where your body needs it, not where the pain is, we usually do adjustments at the top and bottom of the spine that help align you in an even more subtle way and help to relieve stress on your spine and body.  

Check out our video on TRT technique!  https://youtu.be/JMLg9biYKtI